Yoga Burn Review: Is it as Effective as Zoe Bray Cotton Claims it to be?

This detailed article contains my personal Yoga burn review and also few details about the program. 

Pun intended or not, losing weight has always been a matter of angst for females. 😜

While some end up buying a gym subscription, a few prefer staying indoors and contemplating options to flatten the But then, can a home-bound regime be as effective as a strenuous workout session at the gym! As per several online reviews, Yoga Burn is one such strategy that has the potential to turn things around for women.

Did you know, as compared to men, women find it harder to keep the bulging waistline in control, more so due to the erratic hormonal secretions? Sounds complicated, right! However, weight loss need not be as difficult as you can always resort to a 12-week program, better termed as the Yoga Burn. 

A Side Note

Before I move any further with this discussion, it is necessary to know that a majority of Yoga Burn reviews have hailed the potency of this 12-week program. However, I ain't the one to be swayed by public sentiments and have tested the program, as designed.

Therefore, I am better off when it comes to analyzing this program in its entirety while taking a closer look at the hits and misses, as a regular customer.

What is the Yoga Burn Challenge?

To be honest, the Yoga Burn weight loss plan, as designed by Zoe Bray Cotton (1), is best projected in front of the willing customers, as the Yoga Burn Challenge. As the program retails as a challenge, it is instrumental in motivating individuals.

Besides, the website offering the same puts its credibility in line as it even swears by a 60 day money-back guarantee, in case you remain unsatisfied after following the same for 60 days, religiously.

While I shall discuss the yoga burn program in detail, the challenge is intriguing in itself, presided by a 3 phase plan.

  • Put simply, the yoga burn challenge targets the abdominal bulge and the amassing waistline, whilst being projected as a Core training regime.
  • This means, as a woman, you need not compromise the comfort of your home, in case you plan on purchasing this 12-week program.
  • The phased program is segregated into sequences and specifically designed keeping the body, time, hormonal effects, and a few generic aspects into account.

Moreover, this challenge can be accepted by any woman ranging from 18 years to even 65 years. Besides, if and when you choose to follow the same, you can pair the same with any given fitness regime.

What are the Program Inclusions?

If you are still skeptical regarding the Zoe Bray Cotton Yoga burn program, you need to take a closer look at the perks offered by the same, allowing you to lose weight almost effortlessly. While many people have already posted their version of Yoga burn reviews online, I would be approaching the inclusions in a more iterative manner.

Visual Results

Yoga burn is one of the best weight loss programs in the retail arena that claims to offer visual results. This means, if the program starts working for you, it is possible to experience continual results, provided you keep a track of your transformation.

Goal Adjustments

Unlike some of the more generic programs around, Yoga burn can be customized, as per the existing fitness levels and the fitness goals of the concerned individual. Therefore, the online personal trainer guiding you in an automated manner is trained to simplify the poses for you, in case you need to start off easy.

Holistic Development

With Yoga Burn, you can see miraculous results when it comes to increasing lean muscle mass and overall strength. Therefore, you can subject your physique to a rigorous development and not remain restricted only to weight loss. Moreover, the difficulty levels of the yoga sessions increase as you keep advancing, in terms of positioning.

Home-Bound Program

As mentioned, Yoga burn doesn’t require you to step out of the house and get judged by others. Instead, this is a home-bound, follow along, yoga program where the workout videos are shared by a trained yoga instructor, and every movement is guided as per your expertise and fitness levels.

Moreover, as the yoga burn monthly regime aims at busting any form of plateau in regards to strength and weight loss, you also get hold of the Yoga Burn DVD for learning the tricks of the trade even by yourself, after the challenge period is over.

Stress Reduction Capabilities

Although Yoga burn helps you lose weight, it also plays a pivotal role when stress reduction is concerned. This means, upon indulging in the yoga sessions, as guided by the yoga instructor or the personal trainer, you can facilitate a better hormonal flow inside the body, with dopamine and serotonin (2) being the prior ones. Besides you can also step the production of the stress-related hormone i.e. cortisol, which is one of the primary reasons for fat accumulation.

Package Inclusions

While we (me, and my partner in this journey April) did discuss some of the more abstract inclusions, we shall now take time out to decipher the physical and digital offerings associated with the fabled yoga burn. Then again, you should know that you can either ask for physical DVDs or opt for digital options that can be downloaded and used, as per convenience.

1. Shaping Course

It is more than appropriate and expected to find the 12 week module, either as a DVD or a downloadable link. However, regardless of the option you choose, you get access to all the three phases relevant to the program followed by a quick start guide and even the pose tutorials, for almost 20 yoga poses. As far as the workout, follow-along videos are concerned, there are 9 snippets, each 45 minutes long.

2. Bonus Audio

Yoga Burn certainly throws in quite a few freebies along the way, including the audio versions of the class-based guidance and insights. This way you can get to know the basics of the same, even while traveling.

3. Bonus Class-based Material

In addition to weight loss, the Yoga Burn package also comes loaded with several unique sequences, with the Tranquility Flow being one of them. The Tranquility Flow program or rather class is all about targeting fat loss by handling stress and cortisol production. Therefore, if you plan on buying this program, it is necessary to check for this one bonus material.

4. Immersion Community Access

What good is a weight loss program for women if it doesn’t offer access to a community for like-minded individuals? This means when you order the yoga burn plan online, you automatically get community support with unhindered access to relevant coaching calls.

5. Additional DVDs

The yoga burn package also comes loaded with several resource materials that can be paired with the program in general. These DVDs offer insights relevant to some of the more complicated yoga poses, including restorative yoga, Jundalini, Ashtanga, Hatha, and Vinyasa.

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Apart from that, you can also ask for a discount voucher, in case you plan on purchasing a second copy after finishing off with the dynamic sequencing program and each of the three phases.  

How does the 12 Week Program Work?

Now that we have taken a closer look at this women-centric yoga program, it is necessary to understand how the same actually works. 

  • Firstly, this is one of the few fitness programs that don’t actually hinder weight gain. Instead, you only burn calories and lose fat in the process.
  • However, to gain a better understanding of the same, you need to ascertain the three phases associated with the Yoga burn program, with ease having relevance, specific poses, and fat reduction capabilities.
  • Then again, before we jump right into the phases, it is necessary to learn more about the program in general and how effective it is as a Dynamic sequencing program. 

For those who aren’t aware of dynamic sequencing, it is better termed as a gradually progressive technique for getting the body in shape.

Therefore, you can easily break any sort of physical plateau with dynamic sequencing. While the concept holds for every physical activity, it makes the most sense for someone using the Yoga Burn plan. As per the workout plan, Dynamic Sequencing yoga is segregated into phases, allowing your body to seamlessly flow with the workout and get accustomed to the toil. 

This approach helps you lose fat in such a way that none of your aspirations hit a roadblock. Dynamic sequencing yoga starts easy but escalates gradually into a more brutal strategy to lose weight or burn calories.

As per the concept of dynamic sequencing yoga, Zoe Bray Cotton has divided the program into three distinct phases:

Phase 1: Foundational Flow

The yoga burn kickstarts proceedings with the first phase, concerning the foundational flow! As per the phase 1 foundational flow, the participants are given insights regarding the fat loss program in general. This phase familiarizes you with the other phases and even the 9 specific workout videos that are meant to act as guides.

However, the primary essence of this phase revolves around the lighter workouts associated with the subsequent phases and the more rigorous workout sessions. The aim of phase 1 is to prepare the body well so that it adapts to frequent workouts.

Phase 2: Transitional Flow

Better termed as the transitional flow phase, this program segment is arguably the most indulgent of the three phases. Once you are aware of the program inclusions, details, and how demanding the workouts are expected to be, the transitional flow phase takes you closer to the actual yoga poses. This means, you will start creating a flow sequence, where you will pair the information of the first phase with the second phase.

This is one of the 3 phases where you adopt Yoga burn as a daily routine. However, that’s not it! This phase preps you not just for the third bout but even the more advanced poses, which shall be discussed as part of phase 3. To sum it up, this is the phase where you subject your body to smooth yoga-centric flow, as a part of the bigger picture.

Phase 3: Mastery Flow

It seems we are at the most adventurous point in the program, where the workouts get harder and you burn calories as a hobo left stranded on a speeding treadmill. Jokes aside, phase 3 is also termed as the mastery flow level, allowing you to push the body to the limits. However, you can enter phase 3 only after finishing off with the first two phases, over a period of 8 weeks.

By the time you enter the first phase, you can term yourself as an expert of sorts. Besides, by this time, the yoga burn program will teach you more about connecting multiple yoga poses to achieve the best results. Moreover, the mastery flow phase comprises compound yoga movements, where the following videos ensure that you involve the lower and upper portions of the body for a more holistic effect.

That said, none of the phases is expected to work in isolation. And, neither would the program work if you do not follow the desired hierarchy of the phases.

Firstly, you need to realize the Zoe Bray Cotton has the Yoga Burn program divided into 3 phases for a particular reason. Therefore, to make the most of the same, you need to follow a step or rather phase-pronged workout plan. Besides, if you are already following a gym or home-based workout plan, Yoga Burn is expected to fit into the mix, rather seamlessly.

Most importantly, each phase of the program lasts for 4 weeks in general. The workout sessions, associated with each phase take close to 45 minutes to complete. However, as a rule of thumb, you can always split the same into smaller 15-minute bouts.

I do not want to lose weight, said no woman ever! 😀


Here are some of the most beneficial aspects of the Yoga Burn program, explained in brief:

  • Precisely crafted for women but is designed to work, irrespective of the gender
  • Doesn’t require prior yoga training
  • Exceedingly flexible as you can select poses and difficult levels based on the expertise
  • Also features flexible meal options and diet plans as a part of the core trimming program
  • Offers access to digital copies for carrying the program along, while traveling
  • Doesn’t require you to step out of the home
  • Every video comes with a detailed and guided progression with a sense of variance being infused into each snippet
  • The Dynamic sequencing approach is capable of pushing you to limits, irrespective of the stage
  • Easy on the pocket
  • Also comes with a 60-day money back guarantee


Like most weight loss programs, even Yoga Burn isn’t perfect. Here are some of the basic misses that you need to consider before placing an order:

  • Underwhelming for advanced users as many people with a yoga background have termed this as a basic guide towards core trimming
  • Diet changes are still required like any other workout program

Honest Yoga Burn Review: Customer Perspective

Yoga burn has been a different experience altogether. As the author of this detailed post, I didn’t restrict myself only to the theoretical insights about the program but even chose to give it a try. Therefore, my review is one way of enlisting the hits and misses of the program in general.

Firstly, I was overwhelmed with the bonus DVDs and offerings. With the core trimmer program, came in a consultation call, specifically to carve out a diet and lifestyle plan, based on my preferences. The first month i.e. the first four weeks, were easy as I had some prior Yoga experience. While I opted for the foundational flow classes, starting Monday and then a day off in between, I never compromised on my brisk walking sessions.

While I only lost 2kgs and a few visible waistline inches after the first month, I did feel fresher and rejuvenated. However, the transitional flow phase was better and by the time I was into the Mastery flow phase, I already lost 12kgs. Not just that, I didn’t lose a bit of muscle mass and there were zero instances relevant to loose skin.

Yoga burn review

Overall, I feel the Yoga Burn program is one of the best core trimming options available in the market. However, your diet needs to be on point, if you want to reap the benefits of the same.

Where to Purchase the Yoga Burn Program?

If you are planning to purchase the same after going through the detailed and honest Yoga Burn review, you need to visit the official store for the same.

How much does the Zoe Bray Cotton Program Cost?

The program is priced at 67 dollars but at present, you can grab the same for a mere 37 dollars. However, this is one of the few programs to offer a 60 day money back guarantee, in case the results leave you unsatisfied.


Yoga Burn, despite treading on the lines of basic, comes forth a pretty competent core trimming program. However, the results aren’t magical and you need to follow a disciplined lifestyle to make the most of it.


Q1. Is Yoga Burn Legit?

A1. Yes, I have tested the program myself and even the supplementary resources that came along. As per my experience, this is a 100 percent legit way to lose weight.

Q2. Can you lose weight with Yoga Burn?

A2. You sure can lose weight but the shedding rate might vary. For speedier weight loss, pair the same with an effective diet plan.

Q3. Is Yoga Burn a Monthly Subscription?

A3. No, you get complete, life-time access to a 12 week plan, once you pay the amount upfront. However, you do get the yoga burn monthly DVD set with the first order. 

Q4. How long is each Yoga Burn workout?

A4. Each session continues for 45 minutes but the workout cycle repeats itself after a 15 minute interval.