Phenq Reviews – My Personal Results Revealed

This article consists a comprehensive detailed review of a fat burning product called PhenQ. 

For many people, weight loss seems to be more burdensome, as compared to muscle building. An overweight person has a tendency to encounter several health problems, including stroke and heart disease.

This is why it is necessary to invest in a reliable fat burning supplement, like PhenQ, precisely to approach body fat reduction, sans side effects. However, before we move ahead with this detailed PhenQ review, we need to take a closer look at how difficult life can be for obese and overweight individuals. 


Does it have safe & natural ingredients?

How long it should be used?

Does it have any side effects?

Obesity and the Side-Effects

Obesity can also lead to low self-respect and self-esteem. This, in turn, could pave the way for depression, sadness, and shame. In order to fight with these challenges, product manufacturers have created detox plans, diets, weight loss pills, and a whole lot of other varieties of products, which all claim to work really well in terms of weight loss.

However, the challenge remains to be the effectiveness of a given solution. It is very difficult to identify that one product which will work really well for you. Knowing this is very important before you actually spend your hard-earned money.

PhenQ might just be the answer that you are looking for. As a matter of fact, the manufacturer of this product i.e. Wolfson Berg claims that it works by accelerating the fat loss in five ways. 

PhenQ – What is It?

It is a powerful new formula for dieting that combines together a number of weight-loss advantages with the purpose of helping you achieve the sexy, slim body that you have always wanted.

The manufacturer of this company is Wolfson Berg Limited, which is a recognized leader in the industry of supplements. Among the things that this pill claims to do is burning stored fat, suppressing appetite, blocking the production of fats, and improving your overall energy levels.

PhenQ is made out of natural, high-quality natural ingredients, along with a formulation that is backed up by real science. As such, PhenQ is easily superior and stronger than other pills that are currently available on the market.

While we shall certainly talk about the ingredients in detail, this Phenq review would actually focus on the overall effectiveness of the supplement. Not just that , the manufacturer has ample confidence in the product, as almost every PhenQ ingredient is best known for facilitating weight loss whilst keeping up the energy levels.

How Does PhenQ Work?

PhenQ claims to target 5 areas in terms of weight loss. This includes the following:

1. Fat Burning

PhenQ helps in burning fat. This is done by improving the metabolism of the body, as well as the process that is called thermogenesis. These two processes work in a way that ensures that the body burns actual calories, thus using more energy during digestion, thus contributing to overall fat loss in the body.

Moreover, it is true that almost every PhenQ ingredient has some sort of fat destroying power, with the lowest percentage of fat melting being close to 3.44 percent. However, this is what works perfectly when thermogenesis is concerned.  This ability of PhenQ allows you to lose weight by increasing the energy levels of the body, even in the resting state. 

However, if you are into active workouts, PhenQ is more capable of showing its potential. As a weight loss supplement, the concept of thermogenesis is quite common but extremely potent. Moreover, the effect of thermogenesis on the body isn’t reliant on the workout regime. This means PhenQ pills can help with weight management even if you do not have an active gym membership. 

PhenQ is a unique dietary supplement for weight loss. The formulation is designed to offer optimal results compared with other products currently available on the market. It speeds the metabolic rate of the body, helping you to burn more calories all through the day.

2. Halt to Fat Production

This weight loss supplement also works as a fat inhibitor. The likes of Niacin, organically infused in PhenQ, helps convert the food into proper energy. Therefore, once you start supplementing with PhenQ pills, it becomes harder to gain fat as steady state fat burning process, paired with energy conversion can easily constrict fat deposition. 

Moreover, this supplement also includes i-carnitine, which works similarly to Niacin and halts fat production. Therefore, PhenQ does not only help you lose weight but using the same during bulking also makes sense as you wouldn’t end up adding anything to the waistline. PhenQ pills aren’t conventional fat burners that only rely on lipid oxidation.

Halted fat production is an important attribute, expected to come in handy for users who aren’t conscious regarding the calories ingested. However, using burners like these are safe and devoid of any known side effects. 

3. Appetite Suppression

PhenQ is designed to work as an appetite suppressant, while reducing those annoying cravings. According to many reviews, people have reported a massive reduction in the sugar cravings, courtesy of the Chromium and L-carnitine to take care of the energy uptake. 

This functionality makes weight loss easy as you end up being more conscious regarding the choice of food. As you skip those hunger cravings, you no longer have to feel guilty after overeating. Then again, even if you indulge in an occasional cheat meal, L-carnitine has you covered, as the excessive glycogen is converted into energy (15), which is taken up by the cells. 

Not just that, L-carnitine is effectively paired with a natural ingredient called Nopal that helps keep the gut health within manageable standards. 

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4. Mood Enhancement

This weight loss supplement also features some mood-enhancing properties, thus making sure that you will not become moody and cranky even when dieting. 

This is a common problem with some weight loss pills, in which your mood might be affected because of the feelings of hunger. We already know the impact of dieting on our temper and how it challenges the same. 

Then again, things are different if you are invested in PhenQ. This weight loss supplement comprises natural ingredients like the alpha-lacys reset consortium and Nopal. While the alpha-lacys reset features cysteine and magnesium, energy management is never an issue with this weight loss supplement.

Moreover, magnesium clubbed with Nopal takes good care of the gut health (14) and ensures that you get adequate sleep. Most importantly, as this PhenQ contains all the natural ingredients, you need not worry about burning fat by resorting to anabolics. 

5. Energy Boost

One thing that PhenQ works on is that it does not fluctuate the levels of sugar in the blood as you diet. This could lead to energy drops and exhaustion when uncontrolled (11). Phenq  is  designed to keep you energized while feeling motivated all through the day. 

As we know, dieting may take its toll on the levels of energy in your body. However, these weight loss will definitely have your back, allowing you to notice that you feel right on track, and in the mood for fighting the energy dips that come as a result of dieting.

All of these effects combined offer the guarantee that you can achieve your dream body in no time. Just the fact that it can speed up fat loss quite drastically while suppressing appetite and stopping the production of fat is just amazing and impressive. In fact, PhenQ is described as a pill that serves as a thermogenic fat burner (12), which effectively amplifies the body temperature to facilitate round the clock fat burning process.

Not just that, you can even buy PhenQ from the official website as a pre-workout. While you would still lose weight, the likes of alpha-lacys reset, Nopal Cactus extract, picolinate chromium, and caffeine anhydrous work together to improve performances at the gym. 

As claimed by the manufacturer, PhenQ is among the few products for weight loss that is supported by actual results and science. At the same time, men can combine taking these weight loss pills along with a testosterone booster in order to possibly gain muscle simultaneously during the process.

PhenQ Ingredients

In comparison with other weight loss products, PhenQ offers a unique combination of clinically proven and high quality natural ingredients that offer the capabilities of several weight loss supplements, packaging it in a single pill. The result is wonderful enough that you will never have to deal with weight gain issues again.

1) Capsimax Powder

Capsimax Powder (8) is a mixture of different ingredients that offer potent thermogenic properties (9). As a result, it plays a huge role in encouraging the process of fat melting in the body, even blocking the formation of additional fats so that you will never have to worry about easily gaining weight again (10).

2) α-Lacys Reset

This ingredient is a secret feature to this supplement, contributing to the capacity of this product to become a powerful formulation of losing weight, speeding up metabolism in the body, while igniting fat loss. As a result, you can burn  fat, and get in shape in no time.

A comprehensive clinical study was shown that alpha-lacys reset (6)  has the capacity to decrease body fat and body weight by up to a significant percentage, which is larger than other ingredients. In fact, those who took this ingredient could lose up to 3.44% of their body weight, lose 7.24% of body fat, and increase up to 3.80% of muscle mass.

Moreover, the alpha-lipoic acid associated with the alpha-lacys reset works rather perfectly with the likes of chromium picolinate, precisely to amp up the energy uptake by cells. 

3) Caffeine

PhenQ contains caffeine anhydrous (4) (5), which is one of the most common inclusions of any weight loss supplement. There is a good reason for this. When taken moderately, it can curb hunger while improving physical performance. 

Caffeine anhydrous also helps in getting the most out of your workout activities. On top of that, bonuses include keeping you alert and focused while reducing fatigue.

4) Chromium Picolinate

The cravings for eating sweet is one of the enemies of any weight loss efforts. Chromium Picolinate (7) is an essential natural mineral that helps in controlling your sugar cravings while regulating blood sugar levels, thus jumpstarting further your efforts for weight loss.

5) L-Carnitine Fumarate

This ingredient (1) is usually found in food, and its role is to convert stored fats into energy. This means that you will not only burn fat; it will boost your body energy (2) (3). On top of that, it is also essential in combating tiredness that is often a result of dieting.


  • High quality formulation
  • Free worldwide shipping
  • No required prescription
  • Refund promise
  • Better Bone health owing to the calcium carbonate inclusion 


  • Available only from its official website
  • Some reported negative side effects

PhenQ Side Effects

When taking any product, it is very important to see whether these have side effects. Because of the fact that it only contains safe, natural, and approved ingredients, you can lose weight effectively without having to worry about side effects.

Still, you may experience slight headaches because of the presence of caffeine. It is a stimulant that is also present in coffee. As such, if you are not used to drinking coffee, or are not used to it, it is often recommended to start with a single tablet per day. Overall, it is safe to use provided that you follow the recommended guidelines for dosage.

For those who are dealing with pre-existing medical conditions, it is advised to consult your doctor before you actually take PhenQ. It is also not recommended for breastfeeding and expectant mothers, including those who are under the age of 18.

PhenQ Reviews - What people say about this

We have gathered feedback from actual users, and this is some reviews & testimonials worth reading :

"From a very young age, I have already suffered the effects of being overweight. Recently, however, I had a wake-up call. We were on a family cruise. Rather than enjoying my family dinner, I felt embarrassed because I did not fit in the chair. Thus, I stopped, telling myself of the need to lose some weight.

I did some exercise. I also started on a healthier diet and took PhenQ. As starters, I got the Buy 2 Get 1 Package. People around me were actually hesitant if I could do it, but right now, I lost 44 lbs!

I love the fact that I could already be more active in my everyday life. I even find applying to jobs more accessible and easier now that my mobility has improved"

Tayla Martins

"Recently, I started gaining weight. The moment I passed the mark of 176 lbs., I started feeling disappointed and frustrated. As such, I tried different diets, which are all ineffective. I also tried to improve my lifestyle, to no avail. The worst part is that it even went further up to 187 lbs.

I found PhenQ online, read some reviews, and decided to start taking it. It took me around 2 weeks to see the results. When they started to come in, I took pictures to compare. In 1 month, I lost 11 lbs., thanks to PhenQ.

All in all, I felt more confident and relaxed. I feel so energized and more effective at work all day. At night, I still have energy left to play with my son" – 

Gibson Samuel

Conclusion – Should You Buy It?

There is no doubt that the market these days is flowing with under dosed and weak weight loss products. In fact, some of them do not work because they do not use ingredients that are scientifically backed. The difference between PhenQ from other products is that it is backed up by science. For one, Phenq uses only a number of high-quality ingredients that can help you in reaching your goal in weight loss in no time.

Besides, unlike some of the other weight loss supplements in the market that suppress appetite and even facilitate faster weight loss process by increasing body temperature, PhenQ resorts to a more humane approach. It comprises innovative and elusive entities, including nopal cactus extract, calcium carbonate, black pepper, and a wide-range of other natural ingredients. 

Therefore, the journey with PhenQ isn’t only about the fat loss process. This is one of the few dietary supplements that may help gain muscle mass, provided you use it strategically enough.  

With close to 200,000 Phenq reviews from satisfied customers, PhenQ has ultimately become one of the most popular and the strongest products for weight loss recently. This means that you can skip the hassle of wasting your money on weight loss products that do not really work. The best part is that you can try this product out without worrying about the risk of purchasing, thanks to its 60-day refund promise. 

PhenQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Is PhenQ Safe to Use?

PhenQ is safe to use. This means that there is no need for you to worry about potential side effects. This formulation uses ingredients that are scientifically backed and natural. On the other hand, as part of precautionary measures, if you are dealing with a certain medical condition, it is recommended you seek the advice of your physician before taking any kind of supplement.

Does PhenQ Actually Work?

This product is one that really works in terms of weight loss. There is no need to preach about its capabilities, as the results speak for themselves. As such, many reviews have recommended giving this product a try. After it begins its power of increasing weight loss, you will be amazed by the results.

As further assurance, the manufacturer of PhenQ offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to purchase a bottle with full confidence. A guarantee also means that you can easily return the bottles if you feel that you are not completely satisfied with the results. Afterward, you can expect to get a full refund.

Where to Buy PhenQ?

PhenQ can be purchased from their official website. As you do so, you can save a huge lump of money by purchasing it from other websites. You can take advantage of the website's offers, such as if they have a Buy 2 Get 1 Free deal for a promo.

This only means that you can get one month's worth of supply to further optimize the progress of your fat loss. As it is a highly potent fat burner, it is no doubt stronger compared to other products that are currently available on the market.

What is the Money Back Guarantee and Refund Policy Offered by PhenQ?

PhenQ comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. This goes to show that if you are not satisfied with this product, and when you return any unused pill, given that it is still in its original packaging within 67 days after getting your order, you can expect to receive a full refund, minus the shipping charges.

How to Use PhenQ

A bottle of PhenQ contains 60 pills. The recommended usage is two pills a day. One pill can be taken with your breakfast, and the other with your lunch. As per expert recommendation, it is not advised to take a pill after 3 pm. The reason for this is that it also contains caffeine, which has the tendency to disturb your sleeping pattern.

If you are particularly sensitive to caffeine, it is recommended to limit your intake of other caffeine-related beverages while you are also taking PhenQ. The manufacturer says that PhenQ is safe for continuous use as required. This means that you can still continue taking it even after you have already achieved your goal weight, for maintenance purposes.