Calculate Your Fitness: How Much Protein to Build Muscle

The term ‘protein is king’ has been repeated so many times that it may be losing its meaning for some folks. However, the fact remains that it’s true, especially if you’re trying to meet fitness goals. With how valuable this nutrient is in body composition, consuming the right amount will make a huge difference to …

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7 Ways To Reduce Appetite Naturally

Everyone wants to get rid of excess weight and fats from our body. But, to reduce weight, one of the most important ways is to eat less. Well, if you get hungry every hour, there is no possibility that you will be able to lose weight. Well, what if we tell you to look for …

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Metabolic factor quiz

Metabolic Factor Quiz – What is it and what to expect

Metabolic Factor quiz is a set of questions that instantly tells the participants their metabolic type and fat burning mechanism and also suggests a customized Metabolic factor diet plan. Do you want to burn the fat that is accumulated in different parts of the body? Then, you have to follow a stringent diet and put a …

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phengold review

PhenGold review: Does it really work for weight loss?

For a long time, your ears and eyes were craving to get the right answer for the burning question, “Can I Lose weight with Phengold?” Don’t worry, then, in this comprehensive Phengold review; we’ll cover all the details highlighting the reality of this amazing weight loss supplement. What is Phengold?You want to get rid of that …

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What is the Metabolic Renewal Quiz?

Did you know that metabolism plays a huge part in our fitness regime? It is the core reason for almost everything happening in your body. Starting from fueling your body with energy to losing weight, this is certainly one of the noteworthy aspects of your body taken into consideration.  Thus, you need to get regular checks and …

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Metabolic factor review

The ‘Metabolic Factor’ Review – Is it the best program among all?

A well-maintained balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are a few important things that are recommended to reduce fat. But according to Dr Jonny Bowden, your body needs much more than that to transform into a fat-burning machine.  Dr Bowden is the founder of the Metabolic factor program in which he shares his mind-blowing opinions and …

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fat protein efficient meal plan

Fat Protein Efficient Meal Plan to achieve your Fitness Goals

Did you ever face a situation where even after slogging it out during your workout sessions; you never seem to achieve the fitness goal that you aspire to have? While there are people who do it comfortably and in less time, for some, it is an uphill task. What is a Fat Protein efficient diet?Every individual …

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foods that boost metabolism

8 Types Of Foods that Boost Metabolism

Metabolism is an internal body procedure through which the body converts everything you eat or drink into energy. During this biochemical process, the calories in the consumed food and beverage combine with oxygen in the body to release the energy that the body needs to function. Even when you are resting, your body would still need …

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metabolic diet Plan

Diet meal plan for Fast Metabolism

Imagine eating whatever you want, not having to drag yourself to gyms and still staying lean and healthy. While there are different types like Ectomorph (fast metabolism), Mesomorph (Adequate metabolism), Endomorph (slow metabolism), everyone aims to be in the Ectomorph zone and attain Faster metabolism. Sounds like a dream? Not really. Having a fast metabolism …

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